2018-2019 School Year Information

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Welcome back from the Blazer Cafe!  
The cafeteria staff is looking forward to a great year serving healthy, tasty food that the students look forward to eating!   We are happy to announce that all lunch prices will remain the same for this school year. We are also excited to introduce our new Kitchen Manager, Mrs. Michelle Kuches.  She has worked with us for several years and is looking forward to taking on this new challenge!

You can find more cafeteria information on the school website using the links on the left.  This includes the monthly menu. If you are new to the school or have new children entering the school, you received instructions for “” at New Student Orientation/Meet & Greet. For returning families, if you are not yet registered and need your child’s ID number, please email or send a note to the cafeteria. This system keeps track of accounts and sends an email when your account balances are low. Please be aware that both positive and negative balances carry forward from the previous school year.


The lunch rate is $2.85. Milk rates remain at $0.50. Silk soy beverage is available for an additional $1.00 charge. 
 Lunch  All Grades $2.85/day (includes one dairy milk only, no extras) 
 Approved reduced  All Grades  $0.40/day (does not include any extras)
 Adults/Staff    $3.25/day (includes beverage choice, except Soy milk)
 Milk/Juice    $0.50/day (dairy milk) $1.00/day (soy) and $0.45/day (juice)
Ala carte: $1.50 Main entree/alternate entree (e.g. pizza, bosco, chicken, granola pack)
$0 .75 All other ala carte items (e.g. fruit, veggies, potatoes, rice, roll) *FYI – No ala cart salad or side salad available on Salad Bar day.

Ala Cart Beverages: All beverages may be charged to your student’s lunch account or paid for with cash. Prices range from $0.45 - $1.00. Selections include low fat milk, fat free milks, soy milk, Capri Sun 100% juices, Switch sparkling water/juice beverage and small and large waters.

Ice Cream and Frozen Novelties: These are also sold at lunch to students.  Prices are $0.25, and $0.50. Items are sold daily to grades 3-8. Items are sold on one specific day to grades 1 & 2.  Teachers will let you know the day chosen for each classroom. 
Snack Station: Snack choices sold daily on a cash only basis. $0.25 - $0.50.  All the ice cream and snack choices follow the Federal Smart Snacks Regulations.

Fun Food Fridays: Each Friday a treat item will be offered ala cart that students may purchase from their lunch accounts.  The choices will vary each Friday and all will be Smart Snack Compliant.  Prices will range from $.50 - $1.00. 

Birthday Ice Cream Treats: The cafeteria can make it easy to celebrate your child’s birthday at school. Please refer to the school website for details.

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