Special Subjects

Special Subjects

Art Class

Students attend art class weekly and have a chance to showcase their work at an Art Show during the school year.

Physical Education

Our objective is to develop skill interest and the appreciation for the need of life-long learning, activity, and recreation.

You earn 5 points for each class: by coming prepared to move and learn. Please wear your St. Barnabas PE shirt, shorts and athletic shoes to class.

PE CLOTHES – All Grades K-8
  • St. Barnabas uniform shorts and t-shirts are mandatory for all grades. Uniforms may be purchased from the PE teacher or through the school office.
  • Label all PE clothing in permanent marker or ink
  • Athletic footwear is worn during physical education class (one pair of shoe laces only, no slip-on or high heeled shoes)
  • No skate shoes allowed
  • PE socks must be worn
  • For hygienic reasons, PE clothing and shoes are not to be exchanged between students
  • Only non-marking PE shoes are permitted on the gym floor
  • A lost PE uniform must be replaced within one week (available through the PE teacher or office)
  • Shoe laces, Velcro closures must be laced, tied or closed correctly
  • There is a penalty for coming to physical education classes without proper PE clothes.
PE CLOTHING (Grades K-3 only)

ON PE DAYS ONLY: In place of the school uniform, students may wear their physical education uniform ALL DAY. During colder weather, they may wear solid navy blue sweatshirts and solid navy blue sweatpants or solid navy blue wind pants over the PE uniform.

Music Class

Each grade attends music once a week.  


Library The school library is open every day from 7:50-2:45pm. The library is computerized for check out and contains over 18,000 books. All students have access to the library. With teacher permission, students may use computers and/or laptops for Accelerated Reader book testing or research. All books and magazines are checked out for one week. There is a $.10 fine per day on all books and magazine that are overdue, excluding weekends and vacations. A one-day grace period is given on all checked out materials. If a fine/book is not returned after 3 notices, a child cannot use the library until this is taken care of. Lost and damaged books must be replaced by the person who lost or damaged the book.

Computer Technology

The St. Barnabas technology program is driven:
  • To develop a computer literate student properly prepared for future technologies.
  • To teach the students the power of technology and how it can impact our society.
  • To support our students with learning 21st century skills.
  • The goals for Kindergarten are for the students to become comfortable using the computer and learning new vocabulary. 
  • The goals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students are to introduce Google spreadsheet tools. 
  • The goals for 4th and 5th grade students are to improve keyboarding skills, continue developing skills using Google docs, and other technology (3D printers, video editing, etc). 
  • The goals for the Junior High Classes are to begin usign technology to solve increasing complex problems.   


In Health, we will explore a variety of topics including:
  • Nutrition
  • Growth and development
  • Disease prevention and control
  • Safety and first aid
  • Health issues
  • Social and emotional health
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