St. Barnabas School Tuition Policy

Upon registering your student(s) at St. Barnabas School, you enter into a financial contract with the school.  In return for the educational services provided, you are expected to fulfill your financial commitment to the school.  Our tuition and fees are set each year based on projected enrollment.  Our faculty contracts are based on our enrollment projections and these employment contracts are binding to St. Barnabas School for the full academic year.  Therefore, the obligation to pay the tuition and fees is binding.  

Tuition and fees at St. Barnabas School are cost-based, meaning that operating costs to educate a child are borne by the parents. In addition, each student in a Supporting Parishioner family receives a Parish Subsidy (approximately one third of all weekly offertory collections), which is the Parish’s contribution to the school, and also makes it possible to complete capital maintenance and projects needed in the school. Our Lady of Guadalupe also provides a subsidy to its parishioners who attend St. Barnabas School. 

Kindergarten through 8th Grade Tuition

2018-2019 school year:

 Plan A

Plan B 

Plan C 

Plan D 

(3% discount)




 Payment Due Dates

 Jul 15

Jul 15
Jan 15 
Jul 15
Oct 15
Jan 15
Apr 15 

 10 payments starting July 15

Supporting Parishioners
includes student 
Parish Subsidy* and
multi student discount
 1 Child




 2 Children




 3 Children




 4 Children




 Non-Supporting Parishioner  Per Child




 Non-Parishioner  Per Child





*Refer to "Supporting Parishioner" section for more details. 

Note:  Families that receive Parish Tuition Grants are not eligible for Plan A’s 3% discount.

Pre-Kindergarten Tuition

2018-2019 school year:  

 Plan A

Plan B 

Plan C 

Plan D 

(3% discount)




 Payment Due Date(s)

 Jul 15

Jul 15
Jan 15 
 Jul 15
Oct 15
Jan 15
Apr 15 

10 payments starting July 15 

Per Child 




Families enrolled in pre-kindergarten receive a $250 credit towards tuition the following academic year.

Preschool 3s & 4s Tution

2018-2019 school year:  
 Preschool 3s
 Preschool 4s  $1,575
 Families enrolled in preschool 3s and 4s receive a $250 credit towards tuition the following academic year.

Non-Refundable Fees


 Kindergarten - 8th grade annual Registration Fee per student


 Kindergarten Screening Fee per student


 Pre-Kindergarten, Preschool 3s and 4s Registration Fee per student


 Late Fee assessed per student, per month, for tuition and/or fees not paid on time

 $150 Late Enrollment Fee per student, assessed for current student re-registration after July 15 


 NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) Fee for returned checks or rejected ACH/EFT transactions
All outstanding tuition and fees due must be paid in full before the Registration Form and Registration Fee for the following academic year will be accepted. The non-refundable Registration Fee must be paid by the stated required date. 

Supporting Parishioner

For the purposes of tuition, the parish identifies those who practice stewardship in time, talent and treasure with the designation of Supporting Parishioner.    From the generosity of all our parishioners through the weekly offertory, each student in a Supporting Parishioner family receives a Parish Subsidy towards tuition at St. Barnabas.  To qualify as a supporting parishioner, we ask for the following:  

Practice of Stewardship in Time
Regular attendance at Mass, which can be documented through the use of the weekly offertory envelopes regardless if there is a monetary contribution inside the envelope, demonstrates practice of stewardship in time. 

Practice of Stewardship in Talent

Share your special talents by volunteering and getting involved.  Studies show that parent attitudes and actions have a positive effect on their children’s academic success.  There are a number of ways to volunteer and share your talents, including: serving as a committee chair or member for a school event or fundraiser, coaching a CYO team, helping in the cafeteria or classroom, participating in and/or attending school fundraisers, chaperoning, etc. 

Practice of Stewardship in Treasure

A suggested contribution of $15 per week made through weekly offertory envelopes or electronically through is a show of faith and gratitude for the gifts of support for your child. Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable donation made by their employees.  Check with your employer and your spouse's employer to find out if they sponsor matching gifts.

Non-Supporting Parishioner

Those families who do not meet the criteria described above are considered Non-Supporting Parishioners.  An evaluation of the previous 18 months is completed each June to determine the status of each parishioner family who has students registered for the next academic year.  Non-Supporting Parishioners are charged the adjusted per student cost of education plus fees for each student.


Those who are not registered at St. Barnabas or Our Lady of Guadalupe, are considered Non-Parishioners.  As such, they are charged the full per student cost of education plus fees for each student.  

Delinquent Tuition Policy

In order to provide quality Catholic education to our students at an affordable cost and ensure the financial stability of our school, the expectation is that all tuition payments are made on time and according to the selected payment plan.  For this reason, the following policy, adopted by the Finance Council, will be adhered to for the management of delinquent tuition.  

A $50 late payment fee will be assessed each month on payments not received by the selected payment plan schedule.  The Parish may, at its sole option and discretion, enforce any or all of the following actions:

Students whose tuition accounts are not current on July 15 will not be permitted to begin classes for the new school year.

Students whose tuition accounts are not current as of December 31 will not be permitted to begin classes for the second semester.

Students whose tuition accounts are not current by Re-registration will not be permitted to register for the following academic year.

Diplomas and transcripts will be withheld and the privilege of participation in the commencement ceremony will be denied for graduating 8th graders until all tuition and other financial responsibilities are completed.

Families selecting single or two-semester payment options who do not pay on time will automatically be converted to the monthly payment plan option.

Instances of NSF checks or funds not available will be assessed a fee of $35 for each occurrence.

Students who tuition accounts are not current may be prevented from attending school and/or participating in school activities, i.e. CYO athletics, school clubs and extracurricular activities, holiday programs, etc.  

Tuition Refund Schedule

The following refund schedule applies if a student withdraws after the first day of classes of the academic year:

Withdrawal Date


First day of school – September 30:

65% of first semester tuition

October 1 – November 15:

30% of first semester tuition

November 16 – last day of first semester:

No refund

First day of second semester – February 28:

65% of second semester tuition

March 1 – April 15:

35% of second semester tuition

April 16 – last day of second semester:

No refund

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