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2023-2024 School Year Information

Welcome back from the Blazer Cafe!  

NEW & IMPORTANT:  1)  The cafeteria will continue to be a NO CASH zone this year.  All lunch, ala cart items, and birthday treats must be charged to your student's FACTS pre-paid lunch account. Please make sure your student has sufficient funds ahead of time for all purchases.  2)  Sunbutter will only be available to buy in the cafeteria.  Students are NOT permitted to bring Sunbutter or other nut butter alternatives from home.

You can find more cafeteria information on the school website using the links on the right.  This includes the monthly menu. Please be aware that both positive and negative balances carry forward from the previous school year.


The lunch rate is $4.00. Milk rates remain at $0.50. Silk Soy beverage is available for an additional $1.25 charge.

  • All Grades $4.00/day (includes one dairy milk only, no extras) 
  • Approved Reduced  All Grades $1.50/day (does not include any extras)
  • Adults/Staff   $4.25/day (includes beverage choice, except Soy)


  • $0.50/day (dairy milk/water) 
  • $1.00 (Gatorade)
  • $1.25/day (Silk soy milk/Tropicana Apple Juice)

Ala cart: 

  • $3.00 Ala Cart Side Salad or Guac Pack
  • $2.50 Entree Items/Other Fresh Packs (e.g. pizza, bosco, chicken, granola pack) 
  • $1.00 All other ala cart items (e.g. fruit, veggies, potatoes, rice)

Ala Cart Beverages: Beverage prices range from $0.50 - $1.25. Selections include low fat white milk, fat free chocolate milk, Silk Soy milk (vanilla & chocolate), Capri Sun & Tropicana juices, Gatorade and small and large waters.  All beverages are dependent on availability from our suppliers.

Ice Cream and Frozen Novelties: Whole grain, reduced fat and sugar novelties are sold at lunch. Prices are $0.50 - $1.00. Items are sold daily and teachers will let you know which days they permit purchases.

Snack Station: Whole grain, reduced fat and sugar snack choices are sold daily during lunch. $0.50- $1.00.

Fun Food Fridays: Each Friday (except during Lent) a special treat item will be offered ala cart.  The choices will be whole grain, low sugar, and reduced fat whenever possible and vary each Friday.  Prices will range from $.75 - $1.00.

Birthday Ice Cream Treats: The cafeteria can make it easy to celebrate your child’s birthday at school. Please refer to the school website for details.

Free and Reduced Lunch: St. Barnabas School does not participate in the National School Lunch Program and thus does not receive federal dollars to subsidize our cafeteria. However, we know many of our families need assistance in providing their children with a nutritious and delicious lunch while in our care. If your family income would qualify your child for free or reduced lunch, we can help. You will need to fill out an application annually.  Please click the link below to fill out a lunch assistance application. Once completed, you can scan and send the form to our Foodservice Director, Terese Joyce, at or have your child deliver it via their teacher. Our Lunch Assistance Fund covers one complete lunch with milk per child for those who qualify for free meals, Families qualifying for reduced lunches will pay $1.50 per day for the main, complete lunch with milk. Please Note: Additional entrees and a la carte items are not included and are the financial responsibility of the parent. 

Free and Reduced Lunch Application