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Our Social Advantage

At St. Barnabas School we are a family, fostering lifelong relationships and a spirit of loyalty and pride. We are dedicated to the spiritual, academic, social, physical and emotional development of all students.

We value the importance and need for additional activities beyond the classroom. St. Barnabas has something for everyone with a wide variety of extracurricular activities, athletic teams and pep rallies in the fall, winter and spring, a student run TV station, academic competition teams, spirit days, school-wide retreats, community service opportunities and leadership development programs, all intended to foster social development and make lasting memories and friendships. Our school spirit is strong, and with our clubs, teams and activities, we provide an outlet for many interests.

St. Barnabas School is committed to making learning enjoyable.  In-school and after school activities have always been an extension of the classroom.  We offer a wide range of activities that enhance the academic program including athletics, arts programs and special clubs. 

Get Involved.  Be Involved.