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Fund A Dream Scholarship

Fund A Dream (FAD) is a special tuition assistance scholarship program crafted to support Catholic education. Through this initiative, donors are paired with deserving students. Each student is granted a $2,500 scholarship, significantly reducing their annual tuition fees for one school year. Thanks to the monies raised at the Alleluia Ball

  • Go online to to access the application portal.
  • Review the school liaison contact list and locate St. Barnabas School
  • If you have children at different schools, you must complete an application for each school.
  • Enter the application portal and complete the required information.
  • Your school liaison will then review your application to notify the Fund A Dream office if you are eligible for a FAD scholarship.
  • If you are eligible for FAD, your application will be reviewed by the Fund A Dream office. You will be notified via email of your application status.
  • Note Important Filing Information: The Fund A Dream application opens on January 8, 2024. The deadline to apply is March 25, 2024.

What information is necessary to apply for a Fund A Dream Scholarship?

Your family needs to gather necessary information to complete the Fund A Dream application by providing the following details:

  • Confirmed planned school enrollment for the upcoming academic year (2024/25).
  • Student's full name and current grade.
  • Comprehensive family contact information, ensuring all relevant details are accurate.
  • Documentation for income verification, showcasing the family's financial situation.
  • School Verification Process: It's imperative to note that schools have a responsibility to authenticate the enrollment status and assess the financial need of all applicants. This step ensures fairness and accuracy in the Tuition Assistance allocation process.

Apply for Fund A Dream Scholarship