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The Nordonia School District provides transportation for District residents in grades K-8 living at least one mile from St. Barnabas. Busing is provided for Pre-Kindergarten students only if an older sibling is also riding the bus. Busing is not provided for students in Preschool.

Parents are responsible to request busing from Nordonia. To request, download the Private School Transportation Form, which can also be found on the Nordonia Hills Transportation website. Bus routes and times are announced in August before school starts and are available online at

We’re currently looking to expand our busing to communities outside of Nordonia. If you are a Twinsburg resident and would like more information, please contact Laurel Klingensmith ( or Natalie Feinstein ( If you are a Brecksville resident, please contact Maryann Cordiano ( or Ronnie Iacoboni (

Car Riders

Drop Off:  If you drive your child to school, the drop off area is located in the North Parking Lot. All car riders are to be at school between 7:45 and 8:00 a.m.

  • Cars enter from Olde 8 only, forming a single file semi-circle around the perimeter of the parking lot, and exit back onto Olde 8.
  • Children should exit in the drop-off zone only so that teachers can assist in opening doors. For safety reasons, please do not exit your vehicle to help your children exit. 
  • Pull up as far as possible in the drop-off zone, which will be designated by cones in front of the Breezeway doors. Four vehicles should unload at the same time.
  • Put your car in park while unloading.
  • If you need to assist your child, you may use the south lot to park and walk through the cross walk. When using the south lot, please park in the center of the parking lot so that the buses have a straight line to the back and can make turns safely.
  • If you choose to park, please walk your child to the curb through the designated crossing area defined by cone placement/crossing guard.

Pick Up: If your pick up your child from school at dismissal, please be extra careful when exiting the parking lot as students are often walking to cars as others are leaving.  

  • Classroom teachers walk the car rider students to the South Parking Lot at 2:50 p.m.
  • Those who are authorized to pick up should park in the south lot and walk over to the crosswalk/cone placement area to pick up the student(s).
  • Drivers are to observe the 5 M.P.H. speed limit in the parking lot at all times. 
  • Animals are not permitted in the pick-up/drop-off area.
  • If you are late arriving to picking-up your child, please report to the School Office to sign your child out. Depending on how late you are after school, your child may be at Extended Day.



If you come to the school anytime during the school day, please park in the visitor parking outside of the school office (north lot closest to Olde 8). If your student is late arriving to school, returning from an appointment, or being picked up early from an appointment, the authorized person dropping off must park and come into the school office to sign the child in/out.

Before/After School Care

Before/After School Care
Before and after school care is available for grades Preschool – 8 with our Extended Day program. The Preschool and Pre-k students have their own wrap-around daycare facility in the early childhood learning area. Visit the Extended Day page for more information.  

Bike Riders

Bike riders must observe all safety rules regarding bikes. Bikes are to be walked at all times on school property and crossing streets. Bike riders will be dismissed with walkers and riders. All bikes are to be parked in the North Parking Lot. Written permission from a parent stating that the child is allowed to ride a bike to school must be sent to the student’s teacher and the School Office. Students riding a bike to school must secure the bike with a bike lock.


Unless accompanied by a crossing guard, students are not permitted to cross the street. Students walking home must use crosswalks. Written permission from a parent stating that the child is allowed to walk to school must be sent to the student’s teacher and the School Office.

For questions about transportation contact the School Office or (330) 467-7921.