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Peanut Restricted Facility

St. Barnabas School strives to create a safe environment for students with severe nut allergies. It is our policy that no products containing peanuts or tree nuts in any form may be brought into the school or onto parish grounds by any student, parent, or visitor. Although our facility is a restricted nut zone, this should not be seen as a guarantee that St. Barnabas is 100% nut free.

In addition, the cafeteria will strive to purchase and serve products that are not processed on shared equipment (equipment that may have also processed products with peanuts or tree nuts). This does not apply to products processed in the same facility as peanuts or tree nuts.

The cafeteria does sell Sunbutter and Sunbutter & Jelly sandwiches.  These MUST be purchased from the cafeteria and cannot be brought from home.