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How to Purchase Lunch

St. Barnabas School is proud to provide your children with a variety of nutritious lunch selections at reasonable prices. We are committed to serving what our students prefer to eat while encouraging healthy choices, teaching portion control and reducing waste.  Our School Nutrition Specialist utilizes many of the National School Lunch Program's healthy guidelines to ensure good nutrition is at the center of every plate.  Each lunch consists of five components:  protein, grain, vegetable, fruit and milk. No other beverage may be substituted for milk.  Silk Soy milk (vanilla & chocolate), Capri Sun 100% juice, Mott's Apple Juice, Switch or Izze sparkling juice (no added sugar), Gatorade Zero (no sugar) and/or water may be purchased at an additional charge. Extra menu items may be purchased on an ala cart basis as well. Please see the back of the menu for details.

The St. Barnabas cafeteria utilizes the FACTS system for purchasing lunch.  Your children will receive a monthly menu the last Thursday of each month and it can also be found on the school website. Lunch orders will be taken in the classroom each morning. Any additional servings must be ordered at that time as well.

How to Buy Ice Cream/Snack Treats

The cafeteria sells ice cream novelties daily and your teacher will communicate which days purchases are permitted. Snack items are available all days. Ala cart ice cream and snack items are whole grain, reduced fat and sugar options.  Please look on the school website for birthday treat package details for September through May. Please note the deadline for ordering end of school year treat packages.

How to Pay for Lunch/Unpaid Balance Policy

How to Pay for Lunch/Unpaid Balance Policy
The cafeteria computer system is linked to your FACTS account where you place money into your children’s accounts for all purchases. No cash will be accepted in the cafeteria.  Please note that all balances, both positive and negative, carry forward from the previous year.  

How to Buy Beverages Only

The cafeteria stocks low fat white and fat free chocolate milk, Silk soy milk (vanilla and chocolate), Capri Sun 100% fruit juices, Mott's Apple Juice, Switch and Izze sparkling juice/water beverages (no added sugar), Gatorade Zero & G2 (no sugar) and small and large waters.