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Learning Center

St. Barnabas School strives to meet the educational needs of all of its students in the academic spectrum.  We offer learning support and enrichment opportunities for students who need extra support as well as for those who need to be challenged further.  

Our Learning Center staff includes dedicated specialists who work closely with classroom teachers, parents and administrators in addressing each student’s individual needs.  Together, the team determines appropriate accommodations and modifications to the curriculum to best guide each student towards success.  The Learning Center team is blessed to be supported by an Auxiliary Clerk who coordinates schedules, manages supplies and handles the day-to-day operations of the Center.  

Learning Support

Individualized and small group academic support is available for students in grades K – 8.  Our Intervention Specialist works together and with teachers to identify and support students with learning challenges or learning plans. Students meet in small groups with a concentration on reading and math skills, academic subject reviews, study skills, and test preparation.  Teachers implement strategies to support students in the classroom and additional support is provided to help each student achieve to their potential.  

Title 1 Services

Title 1 is a federally funded tutoring program offered to students who qualify.  This program focuses on helping the students improve in the areas of math and reading.  Beginning of year assessments are conducted to find out what areas the child is needing improvement.  Students meet regularly with the St. Barnabas Title 1 teacher and are taught skills to increase their comprehension throughout the year. The skills are specialized and customized to fit the student’s needs.  And end-of-year assessment is conducted to track the student’s progress, and to ensure they are achieving their highest potential.  

Counseling Support

St. Barnabas School believes in nurturing the emotional and psychological health of every student.  We are blessed with a licensed school psychologist to assists students in reaching their academic, social, and personal potential by offering personalized counseling services, in addition to school-wide guidance programs.  The school psychologist works directly with parents, teachers, and administration to ensure each student has the support they need to thrive in the school environment.

Speech Therapy

Our Speech Therapist provides speech and language evaluations and therapy for children in grades K - 8. This includes individual therapy and social skills groups, any necessary referrals, follow up services with families and interdisciplinary team conferencing.