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Student Chromebooks

At St. Barnabas, our education goes beyond the memorization of facts and figures.  We also focus on teaching skills.  This ensures our students can be successful both in and out of the classroom today and in the future.  Computers are a powerful learning tool. It is important that students understand how to harness the power of technology to find answers, organize information, and collaboratively share ideas.  

Students in Kindergarten through Grade 2 have their own assigned Chromebook and charging unit provided in the classroom on Chromebook carts. 

Our students in grades 3 through 8 are each assigned their own Chromebook and charging unit. They are also responsible for transporting the device to/from school daily and to all classes.   
In this way, all of our students are able to learn how to leverage technology as a tool for success.


Chromebook Applications

Chromebooks have countless classroom applications.  All St. Barnabas teachers have their own assigned Chromebooks so they too understand the technology and can bring fresh ideas on how to leverage them into their curriculum.  While there is no limit on ideas, here are a few applications in the classroom.

  • Google Docs for Education
  • Word Processing (storytelling, writing, electronic note taking)
  • Document Sharing (collaborative team work)
  • Spreadsheets (analyzing data, creating charts)
  • Presentations (public speaking, organizing information)
  • Google Forms (quizzes, surveys)
  • Google Maps (social studies, history)
  • Google Sites (student ePortfolios, presentations, etc)
  • Internet Search (how to safely seek and find information)
  • Videos (science experiments, cultural awareness) so much more!




St. Barnabas provides Chromebook insurance through the Technology Fee that is paid by each family as part of their tuition.

The School’s insurance partner for school issued devices is Worth Avenue. This insurance covers accidental damage to the Chromebook.