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Standard Uniform and Dress Uniform

Dress Code Philosophy

Uniforms are an important part of the way we remain connected as a school community. When wearing the St. Barnabas School uniform, inside and outside the school, students represent the school, and their behavior should be a credit to themselves, their families, and the school community. We ask that all parents and students adhere to the uniform policy outlined below to help our school community retain this important part of our identity.

Purchasing Uniforms

Standard Uniform Vendors

St. Barnabas School has contracted with two uniform vendors to provide our families with a variety of options.  St. Barnabas recommends that you purchase your items from one of the two uniform vendors listed below, as all items in these school shops are approved for use at the School.  

Schoolbelles: (888) 637-3037; School code #S0192:  Schoolbelles 2023 Pricing Guide
Lands’ End Uniforms: (800) 963-4816; Preferred School #900131616

Items purchased from other vendors must mirror the style and color options offered from Schoolbelles and Lands’ End.



If you purchase items from other vendors, embroidery services are available for a fee from the following:  

  • Mrs. Shauna Kaminsky:  330-468-6941 (Office); 216-548-0966 (Cell).  Texting is suggested.
  • Steve’s Sports:  440-735-0044


Gym Uniforms

To purchase a Gym Uniform through the school, please fill out the order form online: 

Gym Uniform Order Form


Uniform Exchanges

The PTU sponsors Uniform Exchange events throughout the school year, where new and gently used uniform items are available for a small fee. You do not need to bring an item to purchase an item. The Uniform Exchange chairperson may also be able to accommodate a special request, outside of the scheduled sessions by appointment. Contact with any questions.


The administration of St. Barnabas School has the ultimate authority to determine the appropriateness of all attire, hairstyles,  accessories, etc., worn to the school on days the school is in session.

If you have questions or want to confirm your item complies with the Uniform Dress Code Policy, please email Mrs. Faetanini – you can even attach a picture of your item!